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One Moon One Star

Remus and Sirius Community

Wave the Puppy-Love Flag High!
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All Members , Moderated
One Moon One Star is a Community for all those who would wave a puppy-love flag proudly. Unsure what a puppy-love flag is? It means that you love the ship of Remus and Sirius. and, yes, its slashy.

So who can join? Anyone! That is, anyone intrested in Sirius and Remus(either as a couple or not. See rules) and has a livejournal. Dont have a livejournal? Ask anyone of the moderators (or members who offer) and we'll see what we can do.


Joining: you dont have to be a Sirius/Remus fan to join, but it does help. We only ask that you dont flame or put down others for being puppy-shippers. (and mentioning other pairings that you like is alright too, like if your a Draco/Harry or Severus/Lucius fan, thats fine. See below for applying rules)

Posting: While we encourage open talks, please dont come in talking about the cool new skateboard you just got(unless, of course, its a custom Sirius/Remus art skateboard ^_^) or the newest Weezer song. Talking about a song that reminds you of Remus, Sirius or remus/sirius is alright though.Basically, try to keep it on topic (and really, when you think about it, its hard not to gush about SXR!!)

Fanfiction: posting your FF is definatly encouraged! But try and follow the guidelines:

~CONTENT: I know lemons are fun and all, but in order to keep this community open to all fans of all ages and such, we ask that you keep the graphics to a minimal, a.k.a PG-13. This does not mean that it cant be insinuated, or that you cannot post a link with something a little stronger, but that first this is not posted directly onto the community, and second that you post a warning about such content.

~SPAMMING(or plugging): DO NOT come on ranting about how great this fic is you wrote or just do a post-and-run post. All fanfiction posts should have the Title, Authors name, Content warnings(if any) and Brief Summary.

~LINKING: All directly-posted fics/fic chapters should be placed within an LJ cut (simply put lj-cut between these <> at the begining and then /lj-cut between these <> at the end of the fic part. See Live Journal FAQ for details). Any outside linking should show the website title as well as the full address underneath.

~PLEASE do not forget your disclaimer!!


Fanart should follow the same rules as fanfiction when it comes to content, and should be placed within an LJ cut when put directly on the community.

Poetry, Songs, ETC.

Poetry is welcome, as are songs, but lyrics and prose should remain decent and relevant to the topic (sirius and remus, their relationship,feelings of the characters, etc.)

Any avatars posted for sharing should have the name of the artist and creator (not always the smae person) with a link to wither their web page or email if possible, or at the very least a disclaimer saying "i did not create the art" if you did, indeed, not.

So Join, and, Welcome!