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ART:Kiss [Sirius/Remus]

Title:Kiss (erm.. i know the title is VERY unique :D)
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: Pg-13 (??)
Warnings: erm..none :D
Notes:Give me some feedback :D...This is my very first picture I have ever drew of a kissing people(and first picture I have posted here :))...I googled the picture up (just that you know i didn't made up the picture), though the people in the picture looked little different, for e.g. their hair :D...anyway, it's not good picture and I suck at drawing people(especially hair :D)...they don't look at all like Sirius and Remus, especially Remus, I tryed to add some scars so it would be more Remus'y..anyway, please comment!!good and bad comments are always welcome, because I need to know wat I did wronk and so on..
 p.s. if you want the picture bigger, I can post it bigger, and let me know if you don't see the pic and you want to see it, so i can try to fix the problem... :) (man, that is a long note...I'm never happy 'em I? :D)
p.p.s.sorry for my bad english...:)

Link to my journal: Kiss[Sirius/Remus]

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