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Dunno why I didn't do this when I first posted this pics in mi LJ. Oh, well...
Harry Potter fanart, including a few R/S ones. n_n

Baby!Ron, Fred and George
Fred and George. Quite a crappy pic¬¬
S/R!!XDDD I'm pretty sure you'll like this one.
S/R! Same as above
S/R. This is what happens when I have too much free time
This one's dedicated to Lissa! xD Baby Harry and Sirius n.n
Remmie again
A pic I made in color, but in black and white.
Harry facing a dementor
Ne-san, you'll just scan ANYTHING I draw, won't you? ¬¬;;
Harry at age 11 and at age 15. I quite like this pic.
Baby Harry....this one's so crappy...>_<
Baby Harry, and a bunch of little drawings of other characters.
Harry chibi
The Lumos! pic, in black and white.
A chibi Remus, drawn to match a pic of Hikoichi...Check my original stuff for the Hikky pic if you want n.n

And my original stuff, if anyone cares to see it.
Original stuff n__n
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